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The world is a frightening place at the moment, Covid-19 has isolated people, police brutality directed and the black community, racism, homophobia, along with politicians and leaders that continually let us down make it feel like that dark side is winning. Thankfully there are charities that offer help, we have started a list and encourage you to add to it and if you are able to pick one and donate even a small amount can make a difference. 

LGBT Resources.  and

Stonewall offers a wide range of help and resources for the LGBT community from help with domestic violence and abuse to bereavement and legal matters. 


Located in Manchester, the LGBT Foundation offers a wide range of services to support the LGBT community.

Mental health charity which offers support. Can also be contacted via phone on 01273234839 or email 


Resources for teachers and schools with the aim of making schools and educational institutions safe places for LGBT students.

Mermaids work with young people who are questioning their gender. They also have resources for parents and guardians for those with children questioning their gender. 

The Albert Kennedy

The Albert Kennedy Trust is a national charity focused on LGBT youth homelessness. 

Big White Wall-

Available for users added 16-18. An anonymous online community which allows users to discuss the issues they are facing. There are trained counsellors called Wall Guides who are on-line 24/7. It also has a library of articles, tips, and courses

Switchboard provides a one-step listening service for LGBT people through phone calls, email and instant messaging. In the wake of the Covid lockdown this service is more vital than ever. 

Racial Equality Charities UK

Show Racism the Red Card

The UK’s largest anti-racism educational charity. It  was established in January 1996,this charity utilises the high-profile status of football and football players to help tackle racism in society and has also expanded into other sports. The majority of the campaign’s work involves the delivery of educational workshops to young people and adults in schools, workplaces and at events held in football stadiums. Across the UK, SRtRC provides educational sessions to more than 50,000 individuals per year.  

Southall Black Sisters

Southall Black Sisters, a not-for-profit, secular and inclusive organisation, was established in 1979 to meet the needs of Black (Asian and African-Caribbean) women. They aim to highlight and challenge all forms gender-related violence against women, empower them to gain more control over their lives; live without fear of violence and assert their human rights to justice, equality and freedom.

They run; advice, advocacy and resource centre in West London which provides a comprehensive service to women experiencing violence and abuse and other forms of inequality. Offering specialist advice, information, casework, advocacy, counselling and self-help support services in several community languages, especially South Asian languages. Whilst their focus is on the needs of black and minority women, we will not turn any woman away who needs emergency help.

Black Thrive –

Black Thrive is a partnership between communities, statutory organisations, voluntary and private sectors. They work together to reduce the inequality and injustices experienced by Black people in mental health services. Addressing the barriers which lead to poorer outcomes across a range of social factors, such as education, employment, housing, and so on, all of which may negatively impact one’s health and wellbeing.

The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust-

The Charity was formed following the murder of Stephen Lawrence. On 22 April 1993, at the age of just 18, Stephen was murdered in an unprovoked racist attack. A public inquiry into the handling of Stephen’s case was held in 1998, leading to the publication of the Macpherson Report, which has been called ‘one of the most important moments in the modern history of criminal justice in Britain’. It led to profound cultural changes in attitudes to racism, to the law and to police practice. 

The charity was founded on the premise that inequality must be tackled in all its forms. This includes inequality of access, and of opportunity, wherever it occurs, they are dedicated to transforming the life chances of young people and improving the world in which they live to enable them to develop and nurture their talent.

Black Lives Matter

Founded in 2013 in response to the acquittal of Trayvon Martin’s murderer. Black Lives Matter Foundation, Inc is a global organization in the US, UK, and Canada, whose mission is to eradicate white supremacy and build local power to intervene in violence inflicted on Black communities by the state and vigilantes. They work vigorously for freedom and justice for Black people and, by extension, all people.

If you have other resources please add them to the comments or let us know on social media. 

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