Historic Housewife- Rufus and Daisy are getting Married.

Hello, my name is Daisy and on Sunday of last week my fella, Rufus, proposed to me whilst we were taking a turn around the park. Of course I said yes, straight away! He’s so dreamy. My mother was so excited we got straight down to planning. 

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The first thing we had to do was pick a date, I wanted June because it comes from the Roman Goddess Juno who was the goddess of marriage and on a Monday, because as the rhyme goes, 

“Marry on a Monday for health, 

Tuesday for wealth,

Wednesday the best day of all, 

Thursday for crosses, 

Friday for losses, 

And Saturday for no luck at all.”

Of course before we could send out the invitations we had to make sure the church was free. In 1836, the Marriage Act meant you could get married in a registry office, but wanted to be traditional and get married in our local parish church. Not only has Father Micheal known us both since we were born, it’s the same church where my mum and dad got married 20 years ago. 

(Eye Parish Church-Image owned by Sagas of She)

We were so excited when the invitations came back from the printers, mum and I spent the evening filling them in and then I took them to the post office first thing the next morning. Dad complained that it was extravagant to post them, but I brought him some marzipan home from the sweet shop where I work, and that seemed to cheer him right up. Besides, mum reckons his bad mood is because he is going to miss me when I move out. 

Once we had the time and place arranged, it was time to start planning the details. I was most excited about my dress. I’m torn between wearing blue, You know what they say, “Marry in blue, lover be true.” I could wear my mum’s dress as my “something old”, but I really like the white dress like the one Queen Victoria wore when she married Prince Albert in 1840. 

(Queen Victoria in her wedding dress by Winterhalter, 1842. Image from: http://thedreamstress.com/2011/04/queen-victorias-wedding-dress-the-one-that-started-it-all/)

The problem is they’re so expensive and cost hundreds of pounds, so me, mum and Jill, my best friend are going to go look at some and then my mum who was a seamstress before she married dad, is going to make it for me. She’s always made our dresses so I know it will be perfect, and then after the wedding a few changes and it will be a dress I can wear again and again. I mean, who can afford to own a dress they just wear once? My bouquet is going to have red and white roses, just like the ones Rufus gave me when he proposed. 

So my dress will be my “something new.” My grandmother is letting me borrow her necklace, which will be my “something borrowed.” My dad gave me the “silver sixpence to wear in my shoe”, and Mrs Elmstone, Rufus’s mum gave a lace handkerchief and in the corner she embroidered an R and D in blue so that’s my “something blue.”

I asked Jill to be my bridesmaid and she said yes straight away! We have been friends for as long as I can remember. Her dress is light blue and the same one she wore when her sister got married last year. My niece, Molly who will be five by the wedding is going to be a flower girl, she’s going to be wearing light blue the same as Jill and Alfred, Rufus’s nephew who will be ten is going to be our ring bearer and he will be wearing a little suit with a blue tie. They’re both so excited. 

I know the men are wearing their best suits, and I can just picture how handsome Rufus is going to look, with a red carnation in his buttonhole. I can’t wait to be his wife. 

Went and picked my wedding band, it’s plain but will have the date of our wedding and our initials engraved on the inside. I wanted Rufus to have a wedding ring too, but he isn’t keen as it isn’t traditional for men to wear a wedding ring, but maybe I will be able to persuade him to wear one by the time we get married. 

After we get married we are having our wedding breakfast in the church hall, because we have such big families that we won’t all fit into my parents house. Then later in the afternoon, at Mr Elmstone’s insistence we are having a party with our families and friends and he has even paid for a band so we can dance the night away before we travel to the coast for our honeymoon.

 It’s going to be a wonderful day. 

Author- Gemma Apps


Black Cats and Evil Eyes: A Book of Old-Fashioned Superstitions By Chloe Rhodes. (2012)







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