After Dark Podcast

Stories from the darker side of history. From cults to ghost stories no topic is off limits. Told through feature length podcasts and videos, with an accompanying document. There will be blood, guts and gore galore. Click on the image below to open the post.

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In our first After Dark we look at the Whitechapel Murders perpetrated by the infamous Jack the Ripper. In the two-part podcast part one and part two and this accompanying document we look at life in Whitechapel, the lives of the victims, the police investigation, the suspects, and the media frenzy.
In our second After Dark we look at objects with supernatural powers. Starting in part one with all things cursed including books, jewellery, and tombs. In part two we look at religious relics which can heal, raise the dead and allow the holder world domination.

In our third After Dark we look at witchcraft and magic throughout history. Starting in part one we explore Prehistory through to Ancient Greece and Rome- here. In part two continue moving through history from the rise of Christianity to modern day Wicca- here.
You asked for it and so we did it two podcasts which look at female serial killers. Part one starts in the 16th century and ends in the 1950s. Part two picks up in 1950 and ends in the 2000s. Be warned it is dark and there are mentions of blood and gore.